We affectionately refer to our contact centre solution as Sophia - the Goddess of all knowledge. 

Sophia is a state of the art, Level 1 PCI compliant solution. She brings together our years of experience in call handling, diallers and security to deliver an all-encompassing hosted solution. Sophia is ideally suited to mid-sized contact centres.
Sophia will keep your customers information secure; you can stay focused on what you do best – providing great customer experience.

Created by our team of in-house experts, Sophia, can readily be tailored to your requirements and delivered quickly, so you can rapidly benefit from her services. We‘re continuing to develop Sophia’s capabilities, and are committed to always do so. We will ensure our clients remain ahead of the competition.


Sophia was conceived and built from the ground up; she is our labour of love. Indeed, every update we add uses market-leading features; and each update has been a project in itself. We believe that access to the latest technology keeps everyone happy. Sophia can help you deliver an all-round positive experience for your customers and your agents. 

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